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Development Plan Of Nagpur -1976
The Planning Process
1.1 History Of Nagput City

1.1.1  Nagpur witnessed the ups and downs of the Gond and Bhosale region and enjoyed the status of city since Gond King and Raje Bakht Buland Shah upto middle of 18th century. It was the capital of erstwhile center provinces and Berar and Madhya Pradesh upto 1960. Thereafter it is now a second capital of Maharashtra

1.1.2  In 1917, the battle of sitabuldi was fought between Appasaheb Bhosale and British. After this war , Nagpur came under the British rule. Due to war and defeat of Bhosale, the econoic and cultural activities in the city were hit hard. In addition to this the city had to face epidemic and famine

1.1.3  In the middle of 19th century, the British Queen took over all of India. The Nagpur Kingdom was annexed by the British Government and new state named Central Province was created. Nagpur become itss capital. At the  beginning of 20th century, Berar was attached to the Central Province and the entity was known as Central Province and Berar.

1.1.4  The increasing influence of the city on its hinterland attracted the attention of the British Government and made the think of the planned development for Nagpur and its region. Nagpur, being centrally located, is well connected with all prominent cities of India. The conciousness for planned city development was created by Sir Pettrick Goddes, the great British Town planner woh had a chance to visit the city .

1.1.5  After independence, C.P. and Berar become Madhya Pradesh. Nagpur remained the capital of the Madhya Pradesh State  till the state were re-organized on linguistic basis. After that it was attached to Bombay by lingual state and lost its status as a state capital.

1.1.6  However it continud to develop as an administrative, educational and cultural center. Being centrally located and full of natural resources of forest and mineral, it also started developing fast in the field of commerce, industries and transport. It has immense growth potential, which needs integrated planning

1.2  Initial Planning Efforts. 

1.2.1   Nagpur Municipal Committee was established in the year 1869. At that time population iof city was 82,000 with an area of 14.3 sq.km. In the 1872 another body known as civil station sub-committee with an area of 3.8 sq.km. was constituted for town development.

1.2.2   In the year 1937, the than Government of C.P. & Berar passed a bill for establishment of town development authority. This was the beginning of Nagpur Improvement Trust whose working is governed by a board of trustees

1.2.3   The Nagpur Improvement Trust in year 1946 with it's unrivalled knowledge of the town and its need and problems prepared "MASTER PLAN" for Nagpur. This plan contains financial policy, development control and zoning regulations. The master plan also envisaged area development scheme viz.Civl Station expansion Scheme, Ajni expansion scheme Central Avenue Scheme, which were ably handled by the Nagpur Improvement trust.

1.2.4  Looking to the areas, population and importance of city, the two municipalities and adjoining villages were merges together in 1951 to form Municipal Corporation. At that time there were 42 words with a population of 4.5 lakhs, now they are 129 with population of 25lakhs approx.

1.2.5  After the enforcement of Maharashtra Regional 7 Town Planning Act 1966 the Improvement Trust declared it's intention in the year 1969 to prepare a development plan of Nagpur, but since the Improvement Trust was receiving a number of layout and diversion cases it was necessary first to get the Interim Development Plan prepared under section 32 of M.R.& T.P Act Hence this was prepared and published in the year 1970 and submitted for sanction in the year 1971.

1.2.6   After  submission of the Interim Development Plan the draft development plan was also prepared and published in the year 1972. This was republished in the year 1974. The Government finally sanctioned the plan on 3.6.1976 and it has come into force w.e.f.30.7.1976 This was the 1st "DEVELOPMENT PLAN" for Nagpur city.

1.2.7  In addition to above, Nagpur Improvement Trust has till today prepared and development number scheme as below

1.3  Legal formalities for the revised development plan

1.3.1 Under the provisions of section  38 & 23 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act,
The Nagpur Improvement Trust , a Planning Authority, declared its intention to prepare the revised development plan vide resolution No 9 dt. 27.9.1982.

1.3.2  Under the provision of section 25 of M.R & T.P Act the existing land use map was prepared on 25.9.1984.

1.3.3   Under the provisions of section 26 of the M.R. & T.P Act 1966 the revised  draft development plan was published on 4.5.1989 in Maharashtra Government Gazette ( within the sanction extended time limit) any suggestion/objections on the proposals of the draft development plan invited within a period of 60 days to date of notification in the official gazette. Total 585 suggestion/objection received within the stipulator period.

1.3.4   Planning committee constituted under the provision of section 28(2) of the said act by NITs resolution No.8/778 on 24.7.1989. The planning committee gave reasonable  opportunity of being heard to the person who  filled their suggestion/objections and submitted its report to the Nagpur Improvement Trust on 2.5.1990(within the extended sanctioned time limit). The Board of Trustees considered the report of planning committee and made such modifications or changes in the draft development plan as it considered peoper.

1.3.5   The draft revised development plan than submitted to the state Government for sanction of 11.10.1990

1.3.6  The state Government after consulting the Director of Town Planning returned the draft development plan vide its notification No. TPS/3490/1505/CR/102/UD-9 dated 14.1.1993 to the Nagpur Improvement Trust in exercise of powers confirmed by sub-section(1) of section 31 of te said Act and directed

(a)    The planning authority viz. Nagpur Improvement Trust to modify the said draft development plan considering its own letter No.          /229 dt.25.3.1992 and letter No.DP/Nagpur (R)/TPV-2/325 dt.9.6.1992 from the Director of  Town planning Maharashtra State, Pune

(b) The said authority to modify the said draft development plan wherever necessary and if required to follow the procedure under section 29 of the M.R. & T.P. Act,1966 and submit the same government in accordance with section 30 of the said Act, as early as possible.

1.3.6  As per the directive s of the state Government the revised draft development plan was modified and as the modifications made were of substantial nature, it was publish under the provision of section29 of the said Act in the Maharashtra Government Gazette on 17.3.1994. For inviting suggestions/objections within stipulated period. A  planning committee was constituted under the provisions of section 28(2) of the said Act vide Board Resolution dated 23rd May 1994 for scrutinizing the objections/suggestions received on the proposals of MRDP and submitting their recommendations to the planning authority.   The planning committee accordingly submitted its report to planning authority in the month of October 1995 (Within extended sanctioned time limit).  The planning Authority finalized the report of planning committee and published the modified revised draft development with modifications so made under section 28(4) of the said Act on 30.11.1995 in the Maharashtra Government Gazette and also in local news papers for inspections of public.  It is submitted to Government for sanction under section 30 of the said Act.  Government sanction the modified Revised Development Plan of Nagpur under section 31 of said Act on 7.1.2000 partly later on sanctioned it finally on 10.9.2001 and now It is in Force.  

Note:- For more information Regarding Development Plan Please Contact Smt. Sunita Aloni at NIT Head Qtr.