Beautification Of Futala Lake
In western area of Nagpur, ancient Futala Lake exists for 200 years. In absence of maintenance, the use of this prehistoric lake was limited to cattle washing only. It was therefore decided in the year 2003 to beautify this lake from NIT fund with equal aid from State Government.

The work was decided to be done in two stage, desilting was done on large scale along with removal of Lotus plants and other waste from lake. The work included repairing of Eastern side guard wall of lake, construction of path way with granite stone paving, widening of 18 m wide road under I.R.D.P., road side guard wall and landscaping berms, parking and garden bays on other side of road, fixing decorative lamp, benches, attractive dust bins etc. For watering of plants and landscaping, sprinkler system was provided. For sufficient lighting purpose, four high masts were fixed in the vicinity of lake. Two colored fountains of 15 feet and one white and fountain of 100 feet, as such total three floating fountains were set up in lake . The work of Immersion Ghat with three ramps on South side and guard wall of lake with sand beach on North side was also done in the same phase.

In the second phase of beautification, road berms were cleaned and interlocking paving blocks were fixed on road Hanuman Temple to Futala Lake and surrounding triangular land in front of Temple. About 1300m road was paved under this to solve the grave parking problem raised due to famous Hanuman temple and beautification done.

This spot has become the most attractive spot of Nagpur City and on an average 1000 visitors visit the lake daily. Much work is still balance to be done like construction of Ghat steps, sand beach paving on platform, Nana-Nani park etc. on South side of lake. Also water pond and garden is to be developed in triangular land opposite to Hanuman Temple.

Cost of project :- about 4.5crore