Modernization & Renovation Of
Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur
Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital was originally known as “Mayo Hospital” was established in the year 1862. It was a landmark & provided for Medical services, which were the best in its time. In 1914 to further the cause of Medical Education the “ Robertson Medical School” was opened

In 1967 ”Corporation Medical College” was establish which was transferred to the Government in 1981 and was renamed as Indira Gandhi Medical College. Now it has a identity as “Indira Gandhi Government Medical College & Hospital”.

Most of the original structures continued and are still used to impart Medical Education even though they are now in a pathetic structural state and offer no qualitative elements as is required for education. The overall environment is depressing & defeats the very essence of education, as it inspires none. Faculty, staff & students who are in the noble profession of imparting Health education & service to overcome pain continue to suffer & bear the pathetic & unhealthy built environment. So much so that it is hard to identify any part which can be restored thus overruling any possibility of restoration.

One visit would highlight the poor & unhygienic condition, delinking of interrelated service, overcrowding, chaos, unplanned growth, etc. can only make one ponder with disbelief the state in which Modern Health Service & Education is being imparted.

Though the student intake was increased to 100 from 60 in 1988, subsequent inspection by the medical Council of India (MCI) the issue and gave time for up gradation. Subsequent delays led them to issue a strong objection & final strictures for the same.

The Government appointed the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) as a nodal agency vide GR dated 17.05.03 and handed over the paper possession of 42.5 acres of land. A MOU was signed between NIT & IGMC. Accordingly. NIT had to develop and build the total infrastructure by raising finance through the commercial potential of the land.

However subsequent study & measurement showed that the total area available for development was 39.26 acres instead of 42,5 acres as was originally assumed. The 25 acre land required for the Medical Hospital & College could not be reduced due to norms of MCI of shortfall had to be absorbed in the commercial area, thus reducing its potential & subsequently a deficit of 60 crore  plus was estimated.

Many alternative possibilities were studied & one alternative was to overcome the deficit was to combine 5 acre of Ajni land with this proposal for commercial/residential exploitation.

Finally the Hon Chief Minster who heads the cabinet Infrastructure Committee gave his approval during the meeting held on 24.11.06 The decisions were as following:-

1. BOT offers will be invited for construction of the total Hospital & College complex as per design of NIT.
2. BOT operator will be allowed to utilize commercial space to be built on 11.4 acres of land & additional 5 acre of Ajni land for Commercial /residential complex.
Cost of Project :-100Crore
For Modernization & Upgradation Chart